Aromatherapy was something I was new to.  Being very sensitive to certain smells, I was unsure how or if the process would work for me.  Janine was very kind and made an effort to ensure that the process was exactly suited to my needs.  I love the blends she created for me, especially a calming one for every day life and a brighter one for when I need to be more alert and outgoing.  I enjoy catching whiffs throughout the day and find it really does affect my mood and frame of mind.  Thank you Janine for the care and effort you put into your time with me!
— Serena
I still do not know how much of an impact upon me the aromatherapy has had because I’ve used it in conjunction with meditation to help me reduce sleeplessness, the effects of stress, and to become more present, in the moment. However, I have noticed improvements and feel that the personalized mixtures that Janine created for me have had a positive effect.

When working with Janine, she was very informative and knowledgeable and was very open to my skepticism and to my exploration of different solutions to matters I am working on. Janine was highly conscientious in putting together different mixtures, designed to target my needs, and she is highly personable. I trust Janine and enjoyed the experience.
— DF
(Janine) was kind, knowledgeable and accommodating for my needs. Her knowledge of blending the various oils and the various benefits they would have for various conditions was excellent. She always made sure that the fragrances I chose were appealing to my senses and took time for me to try each one with out rushing. She was willing to change if necessary. I especially thought the chest rub worked well as I was recovering from pneumonia the entire time she was testing the oil blends on me. I would recommend Janine as an aromatherapy consultant in a heartbeat. She is pleasant to work with, efficient and knowledgeable and is always an email away. Thank you for introducing me to more wonderful blends.
— Debra
I love how Janine creates essential oils that are specially formulated for each individual. Her knowledge as well as her kind and caring approach make Janine a wonderful aromatherapist. I really enjoy the roll-on oil blend she made to help with stress. I find it calming and relaxing and it works every time!
— Marilyn
I am thrilled by the results from my first aromatherapy session. Janine guided me to find a custom blend with physical and emotional benefits to deal with an acute stress disorder following the death of my brother. My ‘Heal Your Heart’ blend had a soothing and relaxing effect to minimize sleeping difficulty and to reduce angry outbursts. Whatever your life passage or intention, Janine has a wide knowledge of essential oils specific to your personality. Janine’s calmness is contagious and her sympathetic attitude will help you to find your perfect aromatherapy blend.
— Kimberley, Age 38
Janine was lovely to work with. Her kind and patient manner made me feel relaxed and I appreciated, especially, how patient she was as I rejected scent after scent. She was ready to work with me wherever I was. When we found the scents that were right for me, she transformed them into an inhaler to help me with my sleep. As I take in the gorgeous lemony scent every night, a calm feeling allows me to relax my shoulders and have a sense of well-being .
— Sam
From the moment the aromatherapy consultation started I felt well taken care of and knew I was in competent hands. Janine helped me understand a bit of the in depth science behind the fragrances she had chosen for my particular issue. She walked me through the process of selecting an aroma that is perfectly suited to me. Working with Janine was a pleasure and I love the smell and the texture of balm she created.
— Daniel